About Us

The unique structure of the company is in its policy and process like

  • Vigilant checklist of information to be verified before releasing the loan amount
  • Eligibility criteria is framed as such that it is a fool proof one to avoid fraudsters , market defaulters, instable businessman (financial position), etc. that might cause the loan to be invested into a non-yielding or dead cause.
  • Documentation and the terms of the loan should be transparent among all the promoters of the loan taking company as neccessary. This would help maintain a long relationship with our customers.
  • Credit analysis by way of papers, authentication of these papers, validity of the papers with the practical business situation by co-relating the inventories, capital assets, functioning of the business premises, creditors and debtors velocity as per thumb-rule or market guidelines, etc.
  • Personal discussion is a vital tool where the mind of the promoter is read and assesses the safety of the loan and its smooth recovery.
  • End use verification, profitability of the business entity, envisaging the loan amount utilization and its returns.