About Us


The main objective of the company is to reach out to genuine business needs of the businessmen in the market at appropriate time. Our mission is to fulfil the pressing financial needs of fast growing business enterprises. So as to provide them loan which would help them reap benefits of the usage of the loan amount as per his / their business circumstances and thereby share the benefits by way of interest towards our loan amount.

The main objective is to preserve our intension

i. e. to help our clients in enjoying / secure major benefit for themselves before parting the interest with us.

Currently we are operating in 4 states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka (Bangalore) and Telangana (Hyderabad). We as individual and also with local finance license firms are maintaining an 50 Crore capital of finance in our market.

Board of Directors

The board members and senior executives are the members of chettiyar community from Tamil Nadu. They are enthusiastic enterpreneurs from pharmaceutical background both in wholesale distribution and chain of retail pharmacy stores in Tamil Nadu.

They aspire to bringout their hereditary business of their ancestors from unorganised form to an professionally run lending platform one through a setup of NBFC.